Certified Fiber Sorting Services

Pricing: "noodled" or wrapped fleece:
$20/fleece - whole fleece sort
$15/blanket only
$7/evaluation only

Extra charge may be added for bagged fleeces.

Call for Details: 402-670-3633

Service Description

Fiber Sorting is the first step to a profitable production herd. Sorting grades the fleece by fineness, length and color. The fiber can then be used in products specifically designed to take advantage of the strengths of each grade – with the key goal being appropriate use for that grade. For instance, grade 2 would be better in a fine yarn that would be used in a scarf. Grade 4 is great in socks!

What do you get by having your fiber 'Sorted'?

Here's a brief summary of what you'll get:
* Your herd's fiber, graded by fineness, length and color.
* A herd summary, showing where your herd's fiber strengths lie.
* Individual fiber evaluation forms for each alpaca.
* Ideas on what to do with your alpaca fiber, even for those fleeces that are no longer in the top tier.

If you are a member of a co-operative, you may need to have your fiber sorted. Even if not, several processors offer discounts for sorted fiber, as it is easier to process and results in less waste.

What do I bring as Fiber Sorter?

+ Certifed in the Certified Sortedâ„¢ system ; have sorted 100's of fleeces.
+ More than 30 years experience working with natural fibers as a handspinner.
+ 18 years experience as an alpaca owner and breeder.

Terms of Service

Please see http://naturalfiberproducers.com/ for more information about the Natural Fiber Producers Cooperative.